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DaycareCheck out these Cool Sites for KIDS

Okay, so now that you have your brain loaded with all sorts of good information, you probably want to take a breather, play some games, or maybe you want yet more fabulous disaster information. Below, we have just what you want. So go ahead, and scope out these sites. We guarantee you will like them!

Tornados--Learn all about Nature's most violent storms and cool facts to go along with it.

Kids' Government Sites--Are you interested in the White House, curious about our government, or need information on Presidents? Then be sure and visit the following sites!

Interested in Earthquakes--Look at these sites for great information.

Help Save the Environment-- Explorers Club for kids. Learn ways you can help save the environment, clean up the air and water.

Smokey the Bear--Check out this neat website with Smokey the Bear, fire safety tips, and cool games. Enjoy!!

The Franklin Institute -- If you have ever felt the rumble of an earthquake or seen the eruption of a volcano, you've witnessed EARTHFORCE. For scientists, the word force is defined as a push or pull that causes a change in motion. EARTHFORCE, then, is the pushing and pulling in the core, crust, or water of the Earth that causes motion like eruptions, quakes, or floods.

The U.S. Dept. of Energy