Stuck at Home?

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Many of us have been stuck at home the last couple of months.  Here is something you can do to help out your community and your state.  It's easy and doesn't take much time at all.  Respond today to the 2020 census!

The 2020 Census self response time has been extended.  As of May 10, 2020 Kansas self response was 63.1%, Missouri was 59.2% and Nebraska was at 65.3%.  Compared to the national average of 58.6% that is great! 

The final self response rate in the 2010 census for Kansas was 70%, Missouri was 67.5% and Nebraska was 71.1%   Let's keep it going and beat our 2010 response rate!  Respond today at or call 844-330-2020.

Keep track of the self response rates at  You can also see what other states are doing and it can be broken down to County, City, Congressional District or Tribal Area.


2020 Census Reminder Postcards Arriving

The Census Bureau is beginning to send reminder notice postcards to an estimated 69 million households that have not yet responded. As of April 27, about 53.4 percent of households across the country have responded.

Key Facts About the Census
(Taken from the Resource Guide - 2020 Census Digital Action Weekend (May 1-3)

The basics

  • The census counts every person living in the United States, regardless of age or citizenship status, every 10 years in years ending in 0.
  • It’s in the Constitution.

It’s important

  • It’s about money, power, and data.
  • Every 10 years we help decide how taxpayer dollars come back to our communities. The 2020 Census will help to distribute billions of dollars in federal resources to your community.
  • Our community gets resources based on census population counts, that help pay for hospitals, emergency services, schools, roads, and more.
  • An accurate and complete census helps businesses, community leaders and elected officials make informed decisions every day.

It’s easy

  • For the first time, people can respond online and by phone, in addition to the mail-in option. Your response impacts funding for your community for critical services for the next 10 years.
  • The next decennial census happens in 2030.

It’s safe and confidential

  • Your data is protected and it’s confidential. Federal law protects your responses, which cannot be shared with law enforcement, immigration agencies, or housing authorities.



2020 Census Infogram 4.28.20

Resources Guide - 2020 Census Digital Action Weekend (May1-3)