Gencie Disinfecting Systems

Picture of backpack sprayer and handheld sprayer


In an effort to combat COVID-19 pandemic the Brown County Commissioners have used SPARK funds to purchase Gencie disinfecting systems and disinfecting solution to provide safer environments for the citizens of Brown County.  There are sprayers with solution to be checked out to businesses available at:

               Hiawatha City Office – 2 sprayers (pending)

               Horton City Office – 2 sprayers

               Brown County Courthouse – 2 sprayers

Businesses inside the City limits of Hiawatha and Horton should request the sprayers from the respective City Offices.

Businesses outside Hiawatha and Horton should request the sprayers from the Brown County Courthouse.  Please complete the Brown County Check Out form and call David Schuetz, Courthouse Custodian at 402-245-0345 or bring the completed form in with you.  You may also stop by the courthouse and complete the form in the Custodian Office on the 1st floor.

The solution is very expensive ($3,200.00 for five gallons) so it will be prepared and checked out based on square footage to be sprayed.  

The disinfecting solution is a mechanical kill and is safe for application to cloth, vinyl, metals and electronics.   The virus kill for this product is up to thirty days.  There is no need to apply more than every two weeks unless it is a very heavily cleaned area that will clean away the dried solution, such as a public bathroom cleaned top to bottom every day.  Then once a week would be appropriate.

The sprayer and solution are being provided free of charge to Brown County businesses.   There is a $20.00 deposit required to checkout a sprayer.

There are two sprayers with solution already in the possession of the two Brown County Ministerial Associations to use as wanted in the churches.



You Tube Video showing the handheld sprayer in use.