Road and Bridge

Brown County is a County Township Road System.  There are 35 County Township Road Systems in the State of Kansas.

The County employs 10 road crew members, plus one secretary.  There are 3 road districts in Brown County, overseen by a commissioner.  A map of these districts can be found on the left side of this page.

District 1Commissioner Richard Lehmkuhl
District 2Commissioner Lamar Shoemaker
District 3Commissioner William Pollock
Road and Bridge SecretaryTami Lehmkuhl

Brown County Road System consists of 276 miles of asphalt.  Townships combined consist of 774 miles of maintained roads.  There are 199 bridges maintained by the County.  Of those 199 bridges, 141 bridges are Off-system bridges, and 58 are Rural Secondary bridges.  All bridges are inspected every 24 months, with the exception of 5 bridges being inspected every 12 months.

Brown County is a member of Kansas County Highway Association. 
Road and bridge records can be found in the Road and Bridge office located on the first floor of the County Courthouse.

District Road Shops

District NumberAddressPhone Number

Dist #1

1101 Iowa St - Hiawatha


Dist #2

1741 Central Ave - Horton


Dist #3

307 Front St. - Fairview