Our Community


Brown County Developmental Services, Inc provides case management, vocational and residential services for adults with intellectual disabilities in Brown county. The vocational services and office are located at 400 S. 12th, Hiawatha. This includes our BCDS Thriftshop which provides daily work and pay to people served as they process the donations and work in the store. Residential sites include 2 apartment complexes owned by BCDS and people served are also assisted to rent from local landlords. Staff at each site help people in services with their needs based on their abilities such as: shopping, housework, personal care, budget management, transportation, participation in the community, etc. The majority of the people served are funded by the HCBS-I/DD Waiver. BCDS also receives a small amount of state and county funds and the Thriftshop is a great fundraiser. BCDS currently served 38 individuals with I/DD in vocational services which can include jobs in the community, 31 people in residential services and has 53 employees, 32 of which are full time.  
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